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15 PPM Sulfur Limit On Fuel Oil Recommended By DEP Committee

The DEP Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee Thursday unanimously recommended DEP proceed with the adoption of a regulation change lowering the sulfur limit on heating oil sold in Pennsylvania from 500 ppm to 15 ppm to conform to the limits of many surrounding states. The proposed schedule of adopting the change is– — June 2018 […]

Voicing both sides of the Laurel pipeline reversal debate

The Laurel pipeline has transported fuel products from Southeastern PA refineries to the greater Pittsburgh region for 60 years. The pipeline plays a prominent role for how the petroleum market is shaped within our state. A proposed pipeline change would reverse a current portion of the pipeline flow between Pittsburgh and Altoona. There are two […]

Driver Hours Exemption Issued in Wake of Winter Storm Jonas

In the days leading up to what turned out to be one of the largest winter snow storms in Pennsylvania history, the PPA worked with the Department of Transportation to secure a 13-day exemption for heating oil and propane deliveries. The 2016 blizzard ultimately exceeded most weather forecasters early predictions but still proved difficult to […]