PPA Training Center Receives Multiple Upgrades

The training center recently received multiple equipment and technology upgrades for the 2018 season. The purpose of these updates is to provide the possible educational experience with some of the most advanced equipment to stay on top of today’s technology. A full recap can be found below.

New HVAC Equipment in Training Lab

The old Miller oil fired furnace has been replaced with a new Gibson gas furnaces with a Gibson R-410A Heat-Pump Air Conditioning system. The Thermo Pride oil fired furnace that once had an old R22 straight a/c system has also been upgraded with a Heil R-410A Heat-Pump Air Conditioning system.

These two systems had new Honeywell Pro-8000 Thermostats added to them with outdoor sensors allowing the indoor, outdoor temperature and relative humidity to be displayed in real time at the thermostats.

Finally the Olsen oil fired furnace that also once had an old R22 straight a/c system has been upgraded with a Bosch R-410A Heat-Pump Air Conditioning system with the new Inverter Ducted Split system that provides supremely-efficient comfort by adjusting operating speeds rather than a simple on/off control like other units, thereby reducing operating costs and saving the consumer money. The system’s intelligent features work in tandem with the thermostat to automatically learn the consumer’s preferences, while integrated sound dampening features keep the units nice and quiet for their peace of mind.


Tablets Installed in Classroom

15 tablets were added to the classroom. Students now will be able to take NORA, NATE, and other certification tests online at our facility which will give the ability for instant grading. Tablets will also be used for future training purposes including utilizing HVAC simulation and troubleshooting software.